Any oil that your skin absorbs quickly can be referred to as a dry oil. Oils that leave a residue on your skin, on the other hand, are often called wet oils. Most dry oils are made from vegetables, herbs, or seeds that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid.


➢ XTEND ® -MP 


▪ Our modified liposomes have shown great success for systemic drug delivery by coating them by well-designed polymers which can prevent rapid uptake by the mononuclear phagocytic system, increase colloidal stability and regulate the release of encapsulated drugs. 

• Structure 

▪ Modified hydrophilic polymers are physically adsorbed onto liposome surface trapping the vesicles inside polymers. This complexation of the liposome-polymer is called a liposome complex and it makes the liposomes able to overcome the drawback of conventional liposomes

 ▪ This system produces more stable liposomes because of its compact structure. 

• Mechanism of action 

▪ Our liposome is enveloped hydrophilic polymer, to form thin disconnected hydrophilic layer around the vesicles to reduce the lipophilicity of it and by this technology our Carrier is capable of escaping recognition by the mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS), thus avoiding rapid clearance by the human body.

 • Features and benefits 

▪ Reducing the immunogenicity 

▪ Prolong the half-life of the drug, thereby reducing the patient's dosage and frequency of use; at the same time, reduce the adverse reactions of the drug while ensuring the efficacy of the drug.

 ▪ Increase the stability of liposomes