Any oil that your skin absorbs quickly can be referred to as a dry oil. Oils that leave a residue on your skin, on the other hand, are often called wet oils. Most dry oils are made from vegetables, herbs, or seeds that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid.

LIPOCELL-Hybrid ® TPGS micelles

➢ LIPOCELL-Hybrid ® TPGS micelles 

• Introduction

 ▪ A novel liposome-micelle-hybrid (LMH) carrier system was developed, as a superior oral drug delivery platform compared to conventional liposome or micelle formulations.

 • Structure

 ▪ The optimal LMH system was engineered by encapsulating TPGS micelles in the aqueous core of liposomes, to supreme its efficacy for oral delivery for poorly soluble drug with limited intestinal absorption. 

▪ LOV-LMH was characterized as unilamellar, spherical vesicles encapsulating micellar structures within the interior aqueous core and showing an average diameter below 300 nm. 

• Mechanism of Action 

▪ LMH exhibits enhanced poorly soluble PayLoad absorption and transportation in a Caco-2 cell monolayer model of the intestine by inhibiting the P-gp transporter system compared to free PayLoad 

• Features & Benefits 

▪ LMH demonstrated enhanced drug loading, payload protection, water apparent solubility and extended/controlled release of PayLoad compared to conventional liposomes and micelles.